You digitally charge the customer right from your App. Separate your fees for ease of accounting (parts from labor costs) and be sure to include the entire total in the required field. The Customer should sign for the service right on your smartphone and you will take a picture of the completed job or discarded part. Then click submit. The invoice that appears in your 24HR Truck Mechanic app will transmit directly to the Customer. The customer will complete the payment using their credit card from a secure link in their cell phone. If the Customer doesn’t have a smart phone or there is a different payee call Concierge at 609 301-5328 for a billing call in number or a payment link. The Concierge Desk can verify the moment the invoice is processed. You always have the peace of mind that the bill is paid in full before you walk away.

Mechanics can download the app in the Android and IOS store: 24 HR Truck Mechanic.

Please charge the rate you disclosed.  In most cases that is your normal labor rate.  If there is a specialty reimbursement for a limited service in force the Concierge agent will ALWAYS inform you.  If other services are needed, they should be disclosed and will most likely be charged at your normal labor rate.  If you are new to the area need suggestions on the local labor rates for your area of the country or labor rates for nights and weekends, please send an email to  If you would like a list of services that have a contracted reimbursements a rate card is available upon request.

You and the customer. We service customers across North America and other parts of the globe. We do not set labor rates, minimums, or mileage. We request there is no service charge within your selected service area.  Your selected service area is within your discretion. The app will alert you to jobs within your radius. You will be asked to upload your labor rate. If asked by a customer, we will give that hourly rate. If you have a night/weekend rate (after 8pm/Sat & Sun), we are happy to upload that rate as well. All we ask is that you confirm with the customer either the contracted reimbursement or the rate you uploaded, and the Concierge Desk will know how much each job is, or how many hours are involved.  

Simply input your payment information into your personalized Mechanic app. We then use Stripe to get you paid fast. Payments are set for daily payout, with delivery on a 2-business day rolling basis. Your financial information is secured by Stripe, a highly reputable 3rd party who processes billions of dollars in transactions. We do not have access to your information, we are simply notified if you have entered valid data. After the customer completes the payment from their cell phone with their credit card and the payment clears, your percentage is automatically transferred to your designated account.  You have the added safety of knowing that when you enter your account information, it is submitted directly to stripe and is not stored on any of our servers.

Free subscribers receive 70% of every service call they complete. 24Hr Truck Services pays all of the marketing costs, Call center costs, concierge agents and credit card fees. At times subscribers that perform services at a contracted rate may take advantage of a reduced commission rate. Call for details. Paid subscribers take larger percentage based on volume, guaranteed ETAs and or Service specialties. All mechanics can qualify for quarterly bonuses. You can perform the services on the road or in your shop, we handle the overhead. But this remains your business, so whatever works best for you! 

You can stop whenever you choose. If you are on vacation, put your app to “OFF DUTY”.  Medical Leave, family plans, simply don’t accept any jobs. Paid subscribers can cancel anytime, there are not cancellation charges and no minimums. While there are not refunds for already purchased subscriptions there are no 30 day wait gimmicks to cancel. Give us three business days to process your cancellation. Any payments due to you will still be processed. It is simple. You take the call, you complete the work, you receive the payment. You don’t want to work – Decline the call, let a Concierge agent know you are on vacation.  If you take the call and try to take a payment outside of the system. We will consider that as you put in your cancellation notice and process your permanent termination.  In other words, we want the drivers to trust YOU and the SYSTEM so if you CHEAT, we DELETE.  We hope to build long term relationships; we want to keep the relationship free from complications.

Unless your state requires a license. The app will help you verify yourself. The app will request you send in a picture of your Driver’s License and Insurance. This is super easy.  You can text a picture of your information. By your third (3rd) job assignment, the system will become insistent. If you need insurance, we will give you references so that you protect yourself as a business owner. No, we don’t sell insurance. But professional Mechanics have satisfied customers.