OUR GUIDELINES , Mechanic Policy

Mechanic Policy

  1. When using the 24HR Truck Services mobile app your location services and the app on your cell phone needs to remain on through the completion of any jobs. In order to receive notifications your location services must be on.
  2. You will get paid within three business days from the date of service, if paid by credit card. Or within 10 days if the driver paid by check.
  3. Please only respond to jobs that you can complete in a timely fashion.
  4. If you take a job and don’t show up, you can be charged a No Show fee.
  5. Your default service area will be the area you can respond to with an ETA of 45 minutes without a call out fee.
  6. All percentages are including the 3% credit processing fees.  We accept all credit cards accepted by Stripe.  We also accept credit cards by phone at no extra charge.  It is an extra service we provide on your behalf.
  7. Our current third party payment vendor is Stripe.  The verification process to receive electronic payments is done only through Stripe.  24HR Truck Services has no ability to verify your account, modify or see your bank account or vouch for your good standing.  We can only pay you money and send you invoices.  Please refer questions on connecting through stripe to Concierge.  Any banking questions should continue to be directed directly to your banking institution.
  8. Please provide the Dispatch operators (Concierge) with a quote before you start work.  Be clear on what you are repairing and stay within your quote unless you get express permission in writing (via email or text) to exceed your quote.  Your customer has these expectations and this reduces billing confrontations and increases your personal ratings (which are a bonus criteria).  All calls to and from Dispatch are on a recorded line.  Calling in to Concierge, Dispatch or the main office is permission to be recorded.
  9. If you take a job and do not charge through the app, we cannot bill the client for the job. You are responsible for the 30% due 24hr Truck services.   We are happy to bill you.   If you don’t take a picture of your finished work or the defective part or their license, we cannot answer question on your behalf if there are questions about your bill.  We don’t charge the driver a dispatch fee unless it is out of your service area so please stay within your service area.  We cannot guarantee we can collect a Gone on Arrival fee (GOA).
  10. If you turn off your location services and perform work delivered by 24 HR Truck service this is grounds for being blocked from receiving new Jobs and legal action can possibly be pursued.  “If you cheat, we Delete.”  All customers remain customers of 24 Hr Truck Services.  “Master Mechanics” may have a copy of their customer lists if they are paid in full when they cancel.  We also can do outreach on your behalf to customers you have serviced in the past.
  11. Many clients receive a follow up phone call to rate ‘their experience’.  This feedback is part of possible bonus criteria for those Mechanics eligible for any future bonus features.
  12. If a Mechanic continually has clients dispute charges for reasonable reasons, they will no longer qualify as high-quality referrals.  We will work with/support any Mechanic that needs to defend against spurious claims.  Any client that receives a serious complaint will be blocked.  The client has seven days to put the complaint in writing.  If no written complaint is forthcoming, the mechanic will be unblocked.  If a written complaint is produced, the mechanic may respond, and it will be decided by a Advisory Board plus two owners.  If the mechanic is blocked and or removed from the 24 Hr Dashboard, he may reapply after no less than 6 months provided, they can provide some indication they have remedied the past issue.
  13. Every Mechanic is considered an Independent Service Provider.  Nothing in this Policy shall be construed as an offer of Employment or a establishing a Joint Venture.  Each Mechanic must comply with all licensing, insurance and labor laws within their servicing area.  Failure to comply with local laws will make a Mechanic ineligible to participate with or receive renumeration from 24 Hr Truck Services.
  14. Usage of the 24Hr Truck Services Mechanic app or Concierge services is a representation that you have appropriate General Liability insurance in force.  From time to time your updated insurance declaration page should be uploaded to your profile.
  15. Mechanics must keep all receipts for parts charged on job in accord with our state and local laws and 24 Hr Truck Services Internal Ethics and Equal Treatment Policy (a copy of which policy is available upon request) and offer the Driver his damaged part for inspection and destruction whenever allowed by law.  When giving the damaged part is not feasible, legal or environmentally sound, then the mechanic should take a picture of the damaged or defective part and of the new part.
  16. Cancellation – Mechanics may cancel at any time. All pending receivables must be paid to 24 Hr Truck Services.  If a mechanic cancels all outstanding splits shall be paid at the 30/70 split.  Any Mechanic that has not taken a job offered within 180 days may be considered cancelled.