24HR Truck Services brings quality and operational efficiency to the transportation industry

We link Fleet and Independent Mechanics together with truck drivers needing maintenance and repair. 

Our platform and services support insurers, fleet operations managers, dispatch, mechanics, carriers and other key service providers

Our Services and Software Solutions


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Fleets Operations

The right resources for emergency breakdowns We can coordinate the next We can schedule PM services with reliable mechanics

A solid line of eighteen-wheelers barrel down an interstate highway in Tennessee. Heat waves rising from the pavement give a nice shimmering effect to vehicles and trees behind the lead truck.

About Us

We are in the Medium and Heavy Truck repair niche. We are the missing link. We’ve created a link between Dispatch, Fleet Operations, Truck Drivers, Mechanics, Vendors and Heavy Truck Repair shops. We bring them all together to provide a service connecting the closest, most qualified service providers to support fleets\drivers anywhere on the road. Our linkage grows the small businesses that service the transportation industry, improves independent Owner Operators’ earning potential and safety via a mobile app, live dashboard and live Concierge Agents.  We provide services and software solutions to support Carriers, Fleets, Mechanics, Vendors and Services providers across the country.  



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single point of service

24 Hr on the road partner

multiply earning potential

netwoark buying power

copmliance management costs avings

platform future proofing

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